2009: We thank God for the success of the church service.

In 2005, God lay in my heart to go to Ayen Village to set the people free from bondage; many people serve and worship idol, I was always having big problem, pains and difficulties, and there is no church there. Above all, I am happy today we have planted a Bible Believing Church, at Ayen “GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH, AYEN.” On Saturday we held open-air meeting on Revival and Soul Winning at Ayen Village, where over 156 attended and 121 gave their lives to God. 

On Sunday Morning, during church planting, we have attendance of 89 people present and 53 accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour, We fellowship in the church land, no church building but just a open air for a start, but the people rejoice in the fellowship today. 

The New Home of Grove Baptist Church! Coming soon.

What could be the greatest missions effort in Africa, we need your help, your prayers, your financial support, but most of all, we need your commitment to lead your church in this important endeavor. We are working in the village church and we need to have the place of worship for the people of Ayen.


Pastor Evbota Praying on Sunday morning / Church Planting.

Pastor Evbota Preaching on Sunday morning

89 New Members started  

Grove Baptist Church, Ayen.

Ayen Village

Please continue to Pray for them and the New Church Planting

If I talk to one person and get him to say yes to Jesus Christ, I consider that to be a successful meeting, This lady cry and say yes, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal saviour, I rejoice with tears in my heart and I give thank to God, On Sunday she came and started the new church at Ayen. Praise God.

It is the duty and privilege of every follower of Christ and of every church of the Lord Jesus Christ to endeavor to make disciples of all nations.

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